The church of St John the Baptist was built on the walls of the ancient castle between the 12th and 13th centuries, on the site of an early Christian place of worship (an “ancient altar”). It has a terracotta gate of the 15th century with an early Christian architrave. Inside there are three naves, and the inside walls were frescoed after the second world war with episodes from the life of St John the Baptist. On the largest altar there are statues of the saint to whom the church is dedicated, as well as Sant’Antonio Abate and St. Filomena. In an alcove to the left of the main altar, the Madonna del Soldato can be found. Above the door of the main entrance two paintings have been preserved, which depict Saint Antonio of Padua (18th century) and Saint Francesco. On the left wall there is a painting which portrays the Madonna del Rosario, or Madonna of the Rosary, with Saint Domenico and Saint Pietro; the town is illustrated below (17th century).

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Comune di Monteleone di Fermo
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