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The first memory of the presence of the Benedictine Order of the Virgin Mary in Amandola is attested by a parchment of 1276. The monastery is located in the Agello district, in the ancient hospice of the monks of St. Leonardo at Volubrio, then passed to St. Peter’s canonical in Chestnut. In 1779 the extension of the convent and the construction of the connecting link between the two buildings (1780) was realized, while the church was rebuilt and officiated in 1788 as a replacement for the primitive building. The neoclassical interior retains the first two lateral altars respectively to the right, the Mystical Sposal of St. Catherine, and to the left the Guardian Angel, who protects a child from the dragon’s pitfalls, both works performed by the Roman-speaking communist Antonio Amorosi (18th century). In the main altar is placed the piece attributed to Ippolito Scarsella (1550 – 1620) representing the Madonna with Child between Saints.

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