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The first historical news (of Farfense origin) on the construction of the Church dedicated to St. Peter in Pens (from the Latin pinna = on the rock) date back to 1343. The original Church, unlike the present, was composed of a single nave, she was devoid of apse and of the two side chapels. The bell tower is no longer the original one. The Church has undergone at least two deep restorations throughout history. The first in the seventeenth century, when the Church changed the title to assume that of St. Angelo. Second, on the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, when he returned to be St. Peter in Pens. On the occasion of the first restoration, the two lateral chapels were added and the apse was built. The bell tower did not change, which, however, took on today’s appearance, especially on the tip, in a very recent era.

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