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The Church of St. Mary in Capite Scalorum or the “Scalelle” is perhaps the first sign of the Christian presence in Montefalcone Appennino. The location of its location, just outside the town center, was chosen for religious reasons: on the Mount Liccio, on the opposite side, in ancient times was the temple of a pagan divinity, and in the adjacent fortress there were scenes of violence and terror . It takes its name from the many stairs for which it was accessed. The church rises in 1300 as a temple built around a pre-existing newspaper dedicated to the cult of the Virgin. In 1585, notes of all the many thanks given by Our Lady, Pope Sisto V intervened with his own Bubble to govern the government of the small Shrine. From that moment on, the Church underwent major reforms, expanded, consolidated and embellished. In 1588 two bodies were added: the current nave to the east and the west apse. Inside you can admire a canvas painting of 1590 representing the Annunciation, a beautiful icon of the Blessed Virgin of Divine Love, dressed in red velvet, and near a present door, an aquascent hat of 1589.

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