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The source of the “Three Cannelle” was rebuilt in 1821, as reported by an inscription, and was the source of supply of the city center and the district until the 1950s.
It consists of two bodies:
– the true source with the two closed tanks;
– the outside tub with the covered washbasin.
The first is made up of two large walls that support a lowered barrel inside which the three cords are placed.
The smallest tank is contained in the wall work, while the other, lengthened, is completely inert.
The main brick wall is enriched with baroque elements.
The washbasin, fed by the discovery tank water, is brick.
You can still observe part of the squared river stone flooring.
The Fountain, still functioning, is fueled by a long line of catches coming to the bottom of the country.
The source of the “Three Cannelle” has been restructured, with the multifunctional program for the development of rural subprogramme 3B Measure 2 “Historical Sources” in 1993.

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