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The church of Santa Caterina and the Benedictine monastery are among the oldest settlements in the city. The monastery was reported until 990, as a feminine claustral community. The church and monastery now appear in the reconstruction of commendatario Francesco Barberini (1635).
The exterior of the church, though showing the traces of the Romanesque-Gothic style relating to the early construction, has an incomplete façade, as is usually found in the Augustinian and Benedictine churches. There is no crowning of the capitals and the oral which should occupy the two pillars.
Renovated and decorated in 1855, the church features a completely freshened vault with three paintings in oval polylobates. In that center is represented the Divine Shepherd. In the other two frescoes are represented Santa Caterina and San Benedetto a Spreco.
On the left altar is the painting by Filippo Ricci. The work represents the Most Holy Trinity with the Virgin and Santi Giuseppe, Nicola da Tolentino, Antonio da Padova, Catherine of Alexandria, Teresa d’Avila and VM Vittoria. On the altar in front is a beautiful canvas of unknown author depicting Sant Anna with Maria Bambina and San Gioacchino. On the altar Maggiore is placed a movable canvas, painted by the painter Ubaldo Ricci, representing the figure of the Madonna who holds the Child; down, to the left, St. Benedict of Norcia with three Benedictine monks; on the right is Santa Scolastica with other Benedictine nuns and in the center a putto holding an open book with the inscription “Filioli mei dirigite alterutrum”.

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